About NeoSpot

Right on the spot – NeoSpot. This is what N in the NeoSpot logo surrounded by a circle symbolizes. The N breaking through the circle in the shape of an upwards arrow symbolizes that it’s not until you break barriers and think outside the box (or the bubble) you will achieve exceptional results.

The NeoSpot slogan “IT’s all about the User Experience” is a play with words, but seriously meant. You can read it as “it is all about the User Experience”, but “IT” in capitals also reads “Information Technology is all about the User Experience” meaning Usability is a critical success factor to IT.

IT is just part of the picture though. In large corporations, best practices and frameworks such as TOGAF defines Information Technology as the Infrastructure which is the lower layer of the Enterprise Architecture. On top of that you then have the Application Architecture, followed by Information & Data Architecture, and lastly Business Architecture being the top layer.

NeoSpot AB combines best practices, knowledge and skills from both the Enterprise Architecture and Usability / Interaction Design space and looks at the “Holistic User Experience View of Enterprise Architecture”. It’s the sum of the EA that results in the real and overall UX.

This summarizes the philosophy of NeoSpot AB and its staff. Our mission is to make a better world for your users, resulting in them being more happy and productive and your business cutting cost and increasing revenue. Somewhat buzz-words, but nevertheless true.

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