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Software Packaging Principles

In my previous article on Software Governance in the Enterprise I gave an overview on how to get a grip of software in your enterprise. I then promised I would dive deeper into some of the areas, and looking at what search results lead people to, an area of interest More >

Software Governance in the Enterprise


To design, deploy, manage and govern software in the enterprise is something I have many years of experience in, and from different corporations, so I intend to do a series of articles in this area, starting with this one.

Software is an element that is critical to business and often difficult More >

Adobe got RIA backwards and spelled it AIR

The new version of Voddler released 8th March is using Adobe AIR. I can understand why; for one thing they need the code to run outside the browser to be able to force the user to watch the commercials before the film starts (for those that don’t know, you cannot More >

Holistic User Experience View of Enterprise Architecture

Article in progress.

Hello world!

NeoSpot AB is now born and registered! Read about us here.